Based in Groton, CT. Phone: 860-449-8898
Frank A Rybicki: owner, manager, filmmaker, and collaborator
  email: frankarybicki at gmail.com

Providing resource and process to write, stage, record, and finish media that tells your story

Media production done right, every step of the process

 Premise    Pre-prod   Production   Post         Profit
  Concept    Budget     Direction    Edit
  Story      Script     Camera       ADR
             Location   Sound        Foley
             Talent     Lighting     Music
             Crew                    Final Mix

Completed Projects

Camera; feature 'Trust No 1', filmed in New Hampshire.

East Side Zombies: cinematographer, editor. Public service project to raise awareness about the feelings of people with autism and other perceived differences.

Camera Assist. Music Video by the Resonators, a Brighton UK Dub/Reggae band. 'Healer' filmed in Stonington CT, Uncle Benji

Co-producer, camera 1 (of 3), sound recordist

Producer, co-writer, sound recordist, editor

Production Sound

Music video. Production sound plays under the music as ambient sound, practical sound effects, and foley sound effects.

Short film demonstrating matter over mind

Short film showcasing actors

Brand building ad

'Man of the House' IMDB

'Verdict' IMDB


'A Step in the Wrong Direction' IMDB

'The Conservatory'

'The Fence' IMDB


JT's Chicken

Production Sound and camera 3

Kidsploration Eight episodes of Music! Discovery! and Fun! Behind the scenes

Assistant editor

Season 2, Welcome to Grandpaville Four episodes of fun and laughs

Short Films